Poetry with Nicole Tabat

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I write poetry. A lot of poetry. I like reading poetry. If you're listening to this, you probably like hearing poetry. Every week I'll be reading a different poem of mine, carefully selected from either my poetry blog (poetry.nicoletabat.com) or from my unpublished poems and occasionally from the published ones. New episodes come out every Monday.

Speaking Terms

Episode 28: Speaking Terms - The text for "Speaking Terms" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/164010354832/speaking-terms.
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You were here

Episode 27: You Were Here - The text for "You Were Here" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/128745934467/you-were-here.
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Staring at the Stars

Episode 26: Staring at the Stars - The text for "Staring at the Stars" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/163816590512/staring-at-the-...
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Good Guys

Episode 25: Good Guys - The text for "Good Guys" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/174936640517/good-guys.
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A Faint Light

Episode 24: A faint light - The text for "A faint light" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/180507144007/a-faint-light.
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Warm Nights

Episode 23: Warm Nights - The text for "Warm Nights" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/178471915442/warm-nights.
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Episode 22: Flags - The text for "Flags" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/175098194787/flags.
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Structural Forces

Episode 21: Structural Forces - The text for "Structural Forces" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/177369643437/structural-forces.
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A Continuance of the Dream

Episode 20: A Continuance of the Dream - The text for "A Continuance of the Dream" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/151128686872/con...
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Read At Bed

Episode 19: Read at Bed - The text for "Read at Bed" is available at http://poetry.nicoletabat.com/post/178783367242/read-at-bed.
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