Point Blank

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Just some dummies talking authentically about day to day life, telling stories and bad jokes. Unscripted and (mostly) unedited. That's it, that's the podcast. Point Blank.

A Glimpse into Quarantine

This week Megan interrupts Fontana’s lunch plans to catch up on life. The dummies have been separated for a week and it’s time to find out how they’re...
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The Best Horror Movies

This week Michaela and Megan discuss some of their horror movie faves, the ones they never plan on watching again, and which ones they plan to see ASA...
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Acts of Kindness

This week is a solo cast with Megan while the other girls are travelling. She delves into some truly heartwarming stories and acts of kindness. This e...
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The Warrens and the Paranormal

This week while Fontana is out sick, Michaela and Megan explore 6 cases of American paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This talk quickl...
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Getting Lost Around the World

This week the girls give us some hilarious travelling stories, including the time Michaela’s little sister got left behind on a bus in Mexico.
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Prioritizing Creativity

This week the girls discuss creativity and why everyone needs an outlet. Painting, script writing, or going to them gym; it’s all about finding ways t...
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Finish the Vine

The girls have had a rough week, so let’s pour a glass of wine and play a little game....except it doesn’t last very long so don’t blink or you’ll mis...
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