Politickin' With Eddie

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Politickin' With Eddie is the world’s first and only podcast dedicated to politics AND hip hop. Fresh and honest takes are a certainty on every episode where we tackle events of the day and commentary almost certainly not being heard elsewhere. Each episode’s main segment is a discussion with a notable person in a field related to hip hop or politics. Hosted by Eddie, a political veteran and maneuverer in the world of hip hop.

Montero and Democratic Ineptitude

We have a new and improved recording set up! This week: Haitian migrants and US immigration policy, California's recall and who is dumber: Califo...
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Afghanistan, Drake and Donda

We are at long last back with a new episode centered mostly around just two topics: Afghanistan and the return of the Taliban to power and new music w...
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The Olympics and Lupe vs. Royce

New COVID variant explodin all over the place. Is Doug to blame because he's from Arkansas? Will the Biden Infrastructure Bill FINALLY get passed...
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Episode 55: You Can't Keep Up

RIP Black Rob. On this bursting at the seams new episode of Politickin' with Eddie, we have no shortage of things talked about including: the rec...
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