Pollinators And Power

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Interviews By Terry Oxford

011 / Carey Gillam

Today I am talking with Carey Gillam, author and an investigative journalist for 25 years both with Reuters and The Guardian. She is also the research...
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010 / Henk Tennekes

Henk Tennekes, Author of The Systemic Pesticides, A disaster in the Making was a Dutch Toxicologist who researched neonicotinoids, the most used agro ...
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009 / Amigo Bob Cantisano

Amigo Bob Cantisano who passed away December 26, 2020, was and remains a mountain of influence on the Organic Farming world, both in California and wo...
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008 / Graham White Interview #1

Graham White of the UK was an incredibly intelligent and outspoken soldier for pollinators and nature. He was the most well-researched, well read and ...
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007 / Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson, owner of California Minnesota Honey Farms is a long time migratory beekeeper with thousands of hives and a front line activist fighting...
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006 / Sainath Suryanarayanan

Sainath Suryanarayanan is the co-author of 'Vanishing Bees' by Rutgers University Press, Vanishing Bees is a clear eyed and rock solid assessment of h...
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005 / Tom Theobald Interview #2

Tome Theobald, plaintiff in the recent settlement by EPA and Center For Food Safety discusses why the settlement was not a victory for bees and pollin...
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003 / Jenny Cullinan

Jenny Cullinan lives in the Cape in South Africa, the richest and most diverse floral kingdom in the world.  Six years ago, she and her partner, Karin...
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