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Podcast by Brian & Evan

Mid seasons awards and a Rant

This week we give our midseason awards, talk potential trades, and Evan gives his rant on the state of the ducks post Randy Carlyle. Give it a listen ...
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We did it a new Episode.

This week we talk about the new Matthews contract in Toronto, we discuss our tanking teams and a little bit of this years playoff bubble outlook. Give...
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Willy Nylander is free no more

We talk the signing of willy Nylander and what this means for toronto. We also look at whats going on in philly and what it could possibly mean for Se...
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Hockey is being played!

This week we are back after a long hiatus and we talk about the big moves that have happened the past few weeks in hockey. Give it a listen and maybe ...
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Robbie B joins us live on Skype!

Draft analysis with Robbie B! and some summer transaction news. Give us a listen and we would love to hear from you and let us know what you think. Th...
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Summer Update

We update the happenings so far from the NHL offseason and what how we think the teams have done so far!
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The Stanley Cup is Final

We recap the Cup final and look at whats next for these teams. Give us a listen and let us know what you think! Enjoy!
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