Poorly Written

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Adventures in book writing. All about writing a book during the process.

Eps 6: Setup And An Update

This episode contains the rest of setting up your document for writing. Something I hadn’t remembered to talk about last episode. I also give a brief ...
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Eps 5: Manuscript Setup

Using Microsoft Word Title – heading 1, 48pt font, bold faced, center aligned, Palatino Linotyp, Palatino Linotypee Subheading – heading 2, 20pt font,...
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Eps 4: Contrary Things

Choosing your voice in writing can be an interesting journey. Not everybody gets it right, but some do. These are some rambling thoughts on finding yo...
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Eps 3: Bad Girl

Update on the whole villain debate, which resulted in a couple of unexpected results both live on the show and in writing the manuscript. While the de...
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