Pop Culture Junkees

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Pop Culture is life. Stef and Michelle are the superheroes leading this geeky podcast and we talk about everything pop culture related: from Star Wars and Harry Potter to WWE, Netflix binges, and our favorite fiction reads. The Pop Culture Junkees podcast is a fun, positive and entertaining time where listeners can feel like they are geeking out with two of their favorite girlfriends.

Sew Ashtastic

On this episode of Pop Culture Junkees, we interview Ashley, aka Sew Ashtastic, about her thriving independent sewing business, her favorite comic boo...
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Help us welcome to the Pop Culture Junkees author Scott Ryan, who just released the book Moonlighting: An Oral History. Moonlighting is the never-befo...
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Big Bad Wolf

On this episode, the Pop Culture Junkees sit down with Suleikha Snyder, author of the shifter romance Big Bad Wolf. Suleikha talks about her writing, ...
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Jungle Walrus! With Danny Gorny

If you've ever been fascinated by cryptids, or are fascinated by the idea of monsters in pinup, you need to hear this episode! Michelle and Stef ...
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Happy New Year 2021!

What is your "word of the year" for 2021? The Pop Culture Junkees are here to check in on your new year goals, and say Happy New Year 2021! We're...
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Ya Filthy Animals

What are your top five favorite holiday movies? Michelle and Stef share their favorites, including the iconic Home Alone but we have some not-so-tradi...
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A Galaxy Far Far Away

On this episode, Michelle and Stef spoke with Rhode Island based musician Brian Ross, member of the Wizard rock band Draco & The Malfoys, who will soo...
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Spooky Season

The Pop Culture Junkees CAN'T WAIT for Halloween, so we've come with our top five movies and TV shows for this spooky season. From Hocus Poc...
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Enola Holmes and Spooky Books

WE WANT MORE ENOLA HOLMES! Geek out with Stef and Michelle over Netflix's newest installation in the Sherlock multiverse, and help us get in the ...
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