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Second Nature

Today’s episode asks the question, When was the last time you went outside?.! If you are not an audio person, head over to www.popofcolor.fm read it i...
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Pay It Forward Creatively!

The concept of expressing generosity does not have to cost money and takes very little time. Let the manager know your server did a good job. Give a c...
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Feel the Fear & Create Anyway!

The biggest barrier to creating is fear. Did you know that when adults are asked to remember a jolting memory from childhood, which changed the way th...
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What Can Brown Do For You?

Everyone has a favorite color! You might have more than one The psychology of color is a study in how the colors we prefer play a hand in our personal...
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Define Down Time

Make a 15-minute date with down time & see what springs up. A waterfall of creative inspiration rushes in just by allowing it to happen!
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