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EP35: Jeremy's Birthday

The boys break down all things Indy 3. the famous Vince gate and that heavy debate happens. Deez accepts a 3 month sobriety challenge. Mick loses his ...
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EP:34 Mr Right Now

The Boys are back to break down all things that were Indy 2. Former champ Jake moss and teen ripper Jyle Campbell join the boys. pumped and dumped mak...
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EP:33 Savage Jesus

The boys break down all things that were Indy 1. Arguments ensue over a certain gear and if its of a hunting capacity or not. short show qith the main...
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EP:32 Staycation

Mick and Deez breakdown all things that were H3, deep dive into the Deano Kroc incident. The Telstra Rant continues in pumped and dumped, Micks loses ...
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EP:30 Fibanachi

The Boys break down all things that were H2. Burleigh whisperer rejoins the lads in the studio. pumped and dumped makes a return.
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EP:29 Joyner Lucas

After the Christmas break the boys are back and ready for 2021. Mick and Deez and Handjob Nick are back in the studio and get back into the swing of t...
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EP 28: Akropolis

Its all over the final round of the ama motocross season is done for and the boys break it down and continue to argue over silly season moves and heap...
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EP 27: Lobster Mornay

The Boys breakdown all things that was Thunder Valley and the first King of Capricorn race that was on the weekend. We take a deep dive into the Justi...
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Ep 26: Cashier Technician

Jam Packed show With Mike Ward calling in talk all things Kings of Capricorn race, Jack from DMK designs calls in to do some bench racing and talk abo...
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