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Tommy and Alejandro discuss anything from movies and TV to current events, fun stories, conspiracy theories, and just about anything and everything else. Join us on this wacky adventure and you too can be a powwow pal.

Avengers Endgame speculation

Alejandro watched Enemy. We talk about some mind twisty movies. Time to go deep into our thoughts and speculation on the upcoming Avengers Endgame and...
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Human Animal Hybrids

Alejandro watched Seven. Jeff Goldblum. Are human animal hybrids real? Aladdin talk. Avengers: Endgame’s potential to enthrall or disappoint?!Movie of...
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Ladybugs and butterflys can do some crazy things. Tommy watched Good Will Hunting. Drones!  *Alejandro forgot how to use the mic so the audio for this...
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Would you rather?

Tommy didn’t watch Good Will Hunting. We play would you rather? Some pretty mind blowing facts yo. The death penalty. Recorded - March 25, 2019  
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You’re so money!

Alejandro watched Swingers. We got into our own Swingers esque night. Weddings. Dancing. Beers.  Recorded - March 19, 2019 
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We have returned...

And we’re back!!! Are you ready for this?! Well you shouldn’t be cause you’re on scare tactics. Tommy went to Cozumel. Who the hell is that? Tommy wat...
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Government Shutdown

Alejandro brings up the governemnt shutdown. Punching bags. Artificial intellignece & Mars! Alejandro watched Harsh Times.  Recorded - January 29, 201...
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