Practical Consciousness

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James Wallace & Crystal Deschamps Fogdall, two professed left brainers share how they navigate corporate life everyday with a higher consciousness. Crystal is a data strategist and James is an IT architect and professional leadership coach who will share ideas and approaches to spiritual and metaphysical concepts from mindfulness to spirit guides.

Experience Coaching

Get to see coaching in action. James will coach Louis Morrissette from Fueled Ambition Coaching. Witnessing coaching is hard because it is so personal...
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Our True Nature

James and Lisa discuss who we as humans really are. Look at the difference between who we think/believe we are vs who we truly are. They break down th...
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Power vs Force

James and Lisa look at the nature of force and how that contrasts with power. The way both play out in our lives and how to tap into our personal powe...
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