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Do you like comedy? Do you like current events?? Do you love reviews of random movies??? Do you demand hot Nintendo 64 talk???? Do you crave zany characters that may or may not be breaking multiple laws in search of the ultimate prize????? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the podcast for you!!!

PPP 62 Back 2 Work

Brand new episode!!! G & T are back and better than ever. Tune in to hear the bad boyZ of P-casting break down all the hot-button topics of a few days...
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PPP 53.2 Hawk Goes to Wrigley

The PPP gang is back together in studio and get right in to all the hot-button news! What's the deal with these iPhone prices? When does a no-hitter c...
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PPP Episode 35 Age Special

The Bad Boys wire-tap in to the studios to break down all the hot-button news of the week. What's going on in London?? Gary checks in on not Home Impr...
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PPP Mini Episode 37.2 MOAB

***re-release*** The whole gang gathers for the mother of all podcasts! Tune in for the hot-button bomb news and stick around for the even hotter ring...
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PPP Episode 32 Combine Special

***re-release*** The whole gang is finally back together of hot-button combine talks! Make sure you stop by for the sexy Ducktales talk and stay for t...
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PPP Mini Episode 40.2 Horsecution

***Re-release***  TJ & Gary are in studio to break down all the important issues of the week! Is it Cinco de Mayo already? Why is Hawk so excited bout...
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PPP 61 Good Morning Vietnaaaaaaaam

G & T are here for another genre defying podcast about the horrors of protecting your script from TMZ. Does Gary want to go to Vietnam? Do the Cubs or...
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PPP Episode 28.1Three Fugitives

***re-release*** The guys are off hunting clowns so we are Re-releasing a fan favorite. See how this review holds up over time on a very special PPP! ...
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