Primary Tourist

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My name is Spike DiMartino, and I've been writing, off and on, ever since my eighth grade English teacher told me that I did it well. In this podcast, I'll be reading from my novel, "Primary Tourist," which is about the link between the New Hampshire Primary and my life, and how mythology permeates the lives of everyone, from Presidential Wannabes to Wannabe Artistic Icons and everybody in between, and how Myth does its damnedest to shape truth, even when, hell, especially when you live in a nursing home which you don't have to be crazy to mistake for an asylum. I hope you enjoy it.

Primary Tourist chapters 18 and 19

This episode contains chapters 18 and 19 of Spike DiMartino's book 'Primary Tourist', plus a little audio from a real life faceoff between Vermin Supr...
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