Princeton Alumni Weekly: Goin' Backstory

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Highlights of Princeton history from the magazine and at PAW Online, along with history-themed interviews

Goin' Backstory: June 2017

In the final installment of Goin' Backstory, Gregg Lange ’70 and Brett Tomlinson discuss the 2016-17 academic year at Princeton and the news stories t...
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Goin' Backstory: May 2017

May has us thinking about Reunions, and two of this year’s “major” classes: the 50th reunion class, 1967, and the 75th, 1942. Both left college in a w...
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Goin’ Backstory: April 2017

With two members of the Class of 1939 featured in PAW’s April 12 issue (Lem Billings and Henry Morgenthau III), we decided to take a closer look at th...
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Goin’ Backstory: March 2017

With the first Ivy League Tournament complete and the Tiger men set to start play in the NCAA Tournament tomorrow, we look back at two great Princeton...
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Goin’ Backstory: February 2017

In this month’s look at Princeton history and recent PAW stories, we speak about the Lives Lived and Lost issue, make note of the University Press Clu...
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Goin’ Backstory: January 2017

“Translation is, we’re told, something that’s supposed to be invisible,” Shelley Frisch *81 tells PAW’s Carrie Compton. “I don’t think that that’s so....
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Goin’ Backstory: December 2016

In this edition of our monthly history podcast, Gregg Lange ’70 surveys the Princeton campus during wartime, we look at just how much dirt was moved t...
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Goin’ Backstory: November 2016

In the November episode, we talk with Melanie Kirkpatrick ’73, author of Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience, about the ...
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Goin’ Backstory: October 2016

In the October episode, we talk with Kathy Kiely ’77, an editor at Public Square Media, about the nine Princeton alumni who’ve run for president, repr...
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Goin’ Backstory: September 2016

In the first episode with our new monthly format, we talk with April Armstrong *14 of Mudd Library about a Princeton history game on Twitter (intervie...
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