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Conversations about the intersection of digital product design and development. Hosted by Matt Reich, front-end developer at Table XI, and Zeke Binion, product designer and founder of

Ep 14: Imperfect Action

In this episode, Zeke and Matt talk about a topic that is a bit tangential to design and development but I'm guessing it plays a role in nearly all of...
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Ep 13: Tastes Dogmatic

In this episode, Zeke and Matt find their way to a conversation about dogmatism and the impact of taste in product development. Consistency and constr...
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Ep 11: Operationalize It

In this episode, Zeke and Matt talk about "operationalizing" parts of the product development process. This idea and way of working is becoming more a...
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Ep 9: Learning Design

Matt and Zeke talk about the process of learning design. This is the first in a 3 part series about learning the core disciplines (design, development...
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Ep 7: Feedback

In this episode Zeke and Matt dig into feedback. They take a more high-level look at how giving and receiving feedback works and even include some wis...
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