Project Podcast Ultra


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Project Podcast Ultra will tackle any and all topics in this podcast series: Ghosts, The Occult, Government conspiracies, UFOs, serial killers and more will be discussed for your comedic listening pleasures... Make sure to follow along with our blog! Head there for episode discussions, media shared on the podcast, merchandise and more!

Project Podcast Ultra-7

Mike and Eric talk about police drones, CIA double agents and propose a Team-Bobsled dual against two high profile opponents.
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Project Podcast Ultra-6

Mike and Eric interview their good friend Emily on growing up in a funeral home, The Andy Griffith Show, and THE JFK ASSASSINATION....
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Project Podcast Ultra-5

This week, Mike and Eric discuss their top 5 favorite cults of all time! This is their first 2-part episode, so tune in next Tuesday for the thrilling...
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Project Podcast Ultra-4

Mike and Eric try to understand Shadow People, read "Real Ghost Stories," discuss Peter Kurten's stabbing sprees and introduce 2 new segments!
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Project Podcast Ultra-3

Mike & Eric attempt to read the worst astral projection tutorial ever, Eric unveils why you might be right to think that he has brain damage, and tour...
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