Prospective Opinions

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We supply the news, music and sports in our prospective...and give you great life stories.

Ep12 Home Maintenance

We take your thru sports, news, music and movies and explain to you the importance of home maintenance.
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Ep11 San Diego Vegas

We take your through sports, news, music and tell you about our adventure in San Diego and Vegas with our special guests: Brian, Rashad, & Demond
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Ep9 Injustice

We give you our prospective on sports, show love to the people and take you through a day in movies and music, which leads you to our topic of the day...
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Ep7 Sports Talk

We speak on news, business, music and the way we see sports in the world of the black athlete. With special guest Fat Mack aka Mr. Swatboss
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Ep6 Use Your Words

We sit back and discuss everyday situations you may encounter and give you some interesting news. Then we break down the USE YOUR WORDS segment and gi...
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Ep5 People for People

We sit back and talk superheroes and discuss the real issues with how we support and help our fellow people.
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Ep3 T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E

We speak on The Hate You Give Little Infants F*cks Everyone. And talk about the history of us as a people to understand racism, and tell our life stor...
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