Proudly Resents: Bad Movie Recaps

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Top Comedians rip apart the be best of the worst movies ever made.

Worst movies of the decade

Mike Spiegelman (my Brother!) and I go through the worst movies of 2010's. The post The Worst Movies of The Decade appeared first on Proudly Resents: ...
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“Loqueesha” with Damona Hoffman

The trailer sparked lots of anger. “Loqueesha” is about a white man who pretends to be a black woman to get work. The post “Loqueesha” with Damona Hof...
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Gotti gets whacked!

Adam Felber (Nobody Listens to Paula), Susie Felber and I review John Travolta’s bomb, “Gotti” film. Here’s a great article from Deadline about Gotti’...
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One Minute of Rocky at a Time

Usually, we review an entire movie. But recently I got to be a guest on “Rocky Minute” The daily podcast in which hosts Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes...
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@AdamFelber & @DuBouchet Review Movies

Adam Felber and Andres Du Bouchet perform their classic “tough” movie reviewers from the “website” “Ain’t Everything Cool dot Yes!” They’ve done these...
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Four Ho Ho Horrible Holiday Films

We’re ripping apart, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, Star Wars Holiday Special, Adam Sandler’s 8 Crazy Nights and a blasfominst review of “It’s a Won...
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