Providing Value – Nashville Commercial Real Estate Insights

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The definition of an appraisal is an “opinion of value”. As a commercial real estate appraiser in Middle Tennessee for the last 14 years, I have spent most of my professional career giving my opinion of a big, bold numerical figure at the front of a 100+ page appraisal document. But why would someone pay for my opinion or any other Commercial Real Estate expert for that matter? I believe the answer is that there is a big difference between giving a singular “market value” and actually providing inherent value to a client through trustworthy market insights, knowledge of trends, and property specific expertise. Consequently, this podcast relies on interviews with “those who know”; those who have proven track records of experience in their distinct fields within the Commercial Real Estate industry. These types of conversations are what help shape the market on a daily basis. Because better information helps the market to become more defined, and because some of the stories told are simply fascinating, it is my hope that all who listen would be provided value through the insight gained.