Psychotherapy Stories

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Describes the process, experience, and frames of reference I use in practicing psychotherapy.

Episode 14 Attachment styles

Attachment styles, secure, anxious, and avoidant are formed early in life during the formation of the parent infant bonding. They are manifested in th...
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Episode 13, What's love?

Most people are confused about what love is. In this episode love is defined not as what one feels but as what one does. As Tina Turner's great song a...
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Episode 12, Forgiveness

What is forgiveness and how does it work? There are two types of forgiveness: spiritual, and psychological. Psychological forgiveness takes four steps...
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Episode 11, Two adulthoods

With our expanded life expectancy in contemporary times, people are faced with two adulthoods: the period of 20-50, and 50 - 80. The first adulthood w...
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