Psychotic but Okay

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I have no idea what im talking about ever, but hopefully this podcast can change that. It wont but enjoy me talking abt random stuff for longer than needed. Thank you

Just a Bunch of NO

I talk abt a lot. Juice specifically, Xbox v PS, uhhhh and have multiple interruptions from my family so enjoy
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Momma’s Boi

I talk a lot abt my mom, No Nut November, Therapy in a way. All over the place but thats who i am. thank you for listening.
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Ep 2: Lots of Stuff

In this episode i talk abt a lot of stuff. Talk abt my mom, my day, friends, aggression, and end it off talking abt new streaming services. Thank you ...
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First ONE

In this im introducing things. Rambling abt No Nut November, mental state, and throwing in personal along the way along with two memes. Hope you enjoy...
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