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A podcast dedicated to physical therapy in Tennessee.

Tennessee Telehealth/CEU Update

Joining me on this very timely and important podcast are APTA-Tn President Alan Meade and both Estie Harris and Lou Alsobrooks from our lobbying firm,...
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A Chat with Allison Stowers

Dr. Stowers joins us during the first ever virtual House of Delegates to discuss her House experiences, her practice, and a bit about climbing rehab!
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Telehealth in Tennessee

Dr. Alan Meade, President of APTA-Tennessee and David Harris, Chief Delegate to the PTA Caucus and Reimbursement Chair for APTA-Tennessee talk about T...
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Dealing with COVID-19

No guests today. Just my own ramblings about life with COVID-19, particularly as they apply to physical therapy practice
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The TKA, up close and personal

OK...I just had a TKA. It has been eye-opening and humbling. Listen to my early take on the post-op course (not my usual podcast, for sure).
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