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A reformed slut from the 2000s + A tired ass showgirl = Punks Unda Pressure. Join hosts B.A. & Jimmie Valentino as they discuss sex, relationships, and other miscellaneous topics with their brand of comedy and storytelling. Uncensored. Unrestricted. Unapologetic. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PunksPod and #PodPunks.


We're back with Episode 51.On this episode:-Drag Race and The Encore Recap.-Hell Is Around the Corner Podcast guest appearance. -Onlyfans robbery...
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Str8 Jackin'

We're back with Episode 50.On this episode:-Chika calls out  promoter.-Tank faces backlash over gay comments.-Lil Nas X's BET kiss.-Xtube pr...
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Surplus on Selling Pxxsy

We're back with Episode 49.On this episode:-BET's The Encore Recap-Do you find Kevin Hart funny?-Social media chef beefs-Todrick Hall allege...
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We're back with Episode 48.On this episode:-More Freak Twitter Drama-Mo'Nique vs. Bonnets-Woman Shoots Ex after Relationship Ends-13 Struggl...
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The Pride Family

We're back with Episode 47.On this episode:-Man falls to death to avoid being caught in threesome.-Has Gay Pride become to family friendly?-Do ga...
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So Hard to Date?

We're back with Episode 45.On this episode:-#DragRace Recap-Pastor Nudes -Grindr being used in a string of robberies.-E. Lynn Harris -Janet Mock&...
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Like We Never Left

After much delay, we're back with Episode 45.On this episode:-#DragRace Recap-Lil Nas X's controversy  -Usher Bucks. -Death of two rap legen...
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The Worst

We're back with Episode 44.On this episode:-#DragRace Recap-Sextortion  -Man uses girlfriend's stolen rings to propose to another woman. -10...
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F. Buddies

We're back with Episode 43. On this episode:-#DragRace Recap-Celebrity sex allegations  -Was a gay reporter fired for not being "butch" enough?-Peepin...
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Sexual Anxiety(featuring @Ysl_Ron)

We're back with Episode 42 and we are joined by friend to the show/friend in real life, social media personality @YSL_Ron.On this episode:-Drag Race R...
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