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Two guys and an intern cover the latest and greatest conspiracy theories and play Jeopardy

17. STFU

This week, the guys and intern talk Marvel movies. And play Jeopardy. Pretty much your everyday, normal Punt Cod Dumpster Fire.Discord: https://discor...
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16. Prince Dumb Dumb

This week, the guys and intern discuss the latest in the Epstein/Prince Andrew scandal. Also a bit about Brexit and Jeopardy. We promise this is not a...
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15. Princess Diana, Part 2

This week, the gang concludes the Princess Diana story with her life after separation, her death and the multitude of conspiracies that surround the c...
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14. Princess Diana, Part 1

This week, The Intern takes control of the podcast and bores the guys with Royal History in this foundation-laying part one. In part 2, Kreese will te...
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13. Halloween Urban Legends

This week, we dive into the various legends attached to modern Halloween in America. There's Jeopardy as always and a lengthy talk about.... the birds...
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12. Everybody Hates Chris

This week, Kreese and The Intern forget about the podcast. Come sit by our spooky season dumpster fire as we talk horror movies and shows, dumb news s...
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11. Denver Airport

This week, the guys and the intern talk about the Denver Airport and the various theories about it's construction, art and runways. 
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10. Bigfoot Part 2

This week, The Intern fills the guys in on Bigfoot movies and tv shows plus a Bigfoot themed Jeopardy.  
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09. Bigfoot Part 1

We're back! This week the guys give you an update on Area 51 and then dive deep into Bigfoot's beautiful brown eyes to give you the real dirt on Sasqu...
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08. Yahoo Nails

This week, the guys talk government spying technology, how the government views conspiracy theorists and the best of World News Daily. Also, the inter...
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