Pursue Faith with Ellen Cooper

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Where women will get together to chat about how God is moving in our lives, open up about things that matter to us & topics we're dealing with. We will share experiences, struggles, what we've learned along the way and are still learning and even share some practical tips. Our hope & prayer is that you will find these women relatable, the conversations encouraging and you will be inspired along your journey to Pursue faith, family, friendship, freedom and a whole lot more in your life. We're just talking, so come listen in!

Finding Joy

My friend, Katherine Zenus, and I had an amazing conversation about finding joy through unexpected things in life.  You'll love her perspective, vulne...
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Family Traditions

James & I talk holiday family traditions that we love and even some that have not caught on. 
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Growing Together

This is our first segment called Save it for the Podcast where James and I will sit down and talk about lots of stuff.  Whether our marriage, family, ...
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Parenting through Prayer

My friend, Allison Fischer, and I sit down to talk about the role prayer has played in her life.  Trusting God with our kids and in our parenting isn'...
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Don't Make Your Junk Their Junk

Today it's just me! I'm studying Psalm 139 with a group of middle school girls and it's lead me to do some personal reflection on myself and also on m...
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Meet Ellen & get to know how The Pursue Podcast came to be and what to expect from each episode! 
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