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Welcome to the Pushing Limits Podcast! I am your host - Shane Finn & I am delighted to bring you the The Pushing Limits Podcast! I will be speaking on my own on many topics & also chatting to people from all over the world who are pushing limits in sports, endurance, business & life!

My Top Tips For Beginner Runners

In this episode I chat through some basic & effective tips for new runners! Check out our 6 Week Beginner Running Program here  https://www.shanefinnt...
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Training Weekends 2021

The schedule of summer training weekends for 2021 is now live! We have two weekends identical to last year and now have also added both a trail runnin...
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Nutrition During Injury

In this episode of the show, I chat to Performance Nutritionist Evan Lynch on the area of Nutrition During Injury for Endurance Athletes! What are som...
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