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Hosting contemporary art exhibits featuring the work of regional and national artists as well as faculty and seniors graduating with honors.

Jeremy Chen

The Moving Crew Exhibit, Jeremy Chen. Project with supplies for viable living. Jeremy was one representative of twenty other voices in the project. Ch...
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Carla Markwart

Carla Markwart lives in Galesburg IL. She is a painter, business woman, and instructor. The exhibit was in the Morrissey Gallery titled Chicago Painti...
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Faculty and Staff 2018

Every year we put on a show with faculty and staff at St. Ambrose University. This includes tenured, adjuncts, instructors, and staff are welcome to i...
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Marty Harris

Marty Harris, artist and professional illustrator that lives in Minneapolis was featured in the Catich Gallery. The exhibit was called 42,000 Years on...
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Audrey Niffenegger

Audrey Niffenegger, american writer and printmaker. She is most famous for her novel the Time Traveler's Wife.
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Ben Blount

Ben Blount's exhibit Typecast was featured in the Morrissey Gallery for the spring of 2019. Blount is a designer, letterpress printer, and maker. His ...
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Matthew Hoffman

Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago-based artist that showed off his work in the St. Ambrose University Catich Gallery. Hoffman is the custodian for the You ...
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Molly Wood

Molly Wood creates digital color images of toxic and medicinal botanicals. She uses only natural light and styles the photographs to resemble Dutch st...
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