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Kim, Erik and his clinically ill brother Jeremy break down the greatest films in Horror, Action, and Pulp

Quality Time - 259 - Dead Alive

Erik tells about a co worker, Jeremy has a song about life, and Ashley does all the work and crushes it while the gang breaks down DEAD ALIVE!! 
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Quality Time - 257 -Cat‘s Eye

Jeremy goes to Monster Mania, Erik sees a sweet movie, and Ashley once again gets honest. All this and a break down of the 1985 classic "Cat's Eye" . ...
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Quality Time - 256 - The Gate

Ashley has a run in with her family, Erik buys a car, and Jeremy takes out the trash, all this and the gang breaks down 1987's THE GATE. enjoy. 
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Quality Time - 254 - Tremors

Jeremy goes to the New Jersey Horror con and meets celebrities that love Joe Robinson. Erik does a show in front of children, and Ashley meets a woman...
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Quality Time - 253 - Dreamscape

Some audio problems but we make do, Jeremy tells you what produce not to buy, Erik Changes the hip hop world and the gang breaks down 1984's Dreamscap...
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Quality Time - 252 - Heavy Metal

Jeremy is live from horror convention in PA, his audio is perfect and not distracting at all. Ashley and Erik have stories from Carlisle, and the gang...
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