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Happy National Coming Out Day!Happy Stonewall 50th Anniversary (3.5 months ago)!!Happy First Anniversary of Queer as Duck!!!Remember: time is an illus...
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Pride Things

This week the Cheyenne, Megan, and Grey delve into an analysis of pride, who tends to participate, pride limitations, and plenty of side conversations...
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Megan is Back

Megan returns!  In celebration of the grand reunion of all three ducks in one room, we let Megan talk about whatever she wanted.  Naturally, she chose...
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QAD less than 3 RPDR

Tune in for a quick vent session on the current and former seasons of Ru Paul's Drag Race as well as the glorious return of everyone's favorite bossy ...
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Robot Mermaids

Here's a quick little update from Chey and Grey- new full episode will be released on Tuesday.
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Comics are a Feelings Barometer

This week’s episode features Em Robillard- famed QAD theme song co-creator, comic artist, and all around wonderful person. Find Em on Instagram @rage_...
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In the Kitchen with Ryen

This week get a glimpse behind the curtain with Ryen and Grey as they discuss coming out, religion, and future goals while cooking up some dinner. Pas...
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Immigration Umbrella

Join us this week as we discuss LGBTQ immigration in the US, emergency furby repair, and flying cats.
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Professionally Queer

How do you balance your identities with your professional life? This week Cheyenne, Megan, and Grey discuss the complexities of outing yourself with o...
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Like, I Feel Really Validated...?

This week on QAD Cheyenne, Megan, and Grey talk about how mental health affects all of us, complete with a few spontaneous songs and several cat inter...
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