Queer Confessions


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Jacob Edward rounds up their favourite Queers for a podcast all about spilling the tea on their past and YOURS! This is Queer Confessions.

It's Debbie Cannon!

Jacob & Debbie chat everything from Ready Brek to Hacker T. Dog! Because why not! CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains some ‘naughty words’ here & t...
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Special: Neuro(not-so)typical

Translating what is in your head can be a task... even more so when you're on the autistic spectrum. Late one night Jacob sat down and translated an i...
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It's Ben Saunders!

In a slightly different episode, Jacob chats to Stonewall Young Campaigner of the Year , Ben Saunders! They talk about the residential and why it's so...
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It's Holly Morsley!

Holly joins Jacob for Season 1's penultimate confessions! Like Holly's dream about a certain liquid, Jacob's homophobic children's TV crush & a listen...
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It's Jamie Wareham!

Jamie joins Jacob at the LGBTI Embassy for some super cute confessions! Like Jamie's 16th Birthday game of spin the bottle, WITH GAY KISSES ALLOWED, J...
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It's Martin Joseph!

Martin Joseph joins Jacob at the LGBTI Embassy in London to talk everything! Like celebrities Martin has ALMOST been really rude to, Jacob's toffee cr...
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It's Jake Common!

Jake Common joins Jacob to chat everything! Like how many times has he come out (and is he still coming out?), Jacob's school confession about a secre...
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It's Bradley Birkholz!

Bradley Birkholz joins Jacob to chat everything! Like him laughing at awful things, Jacob's hookup confession involving TRAINING SOMEONE & a listener ...
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