Queer The Table

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A show about the joyful, messy, radical magic that happens in spaces where queerness and food intersect. In conversation with farmers, chefs, activists, historians, seed savers and business babes, host Nico Wisler explores the idea of “queer food” in all of its limitless forms.

Something Different About Us

Nico is joined by John Birdsall, whose biography "The Man Who Ate Too Much: The Life of James Beard," was just released. The book explores Beard's que...
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Changing Shape

This episode was originally produced for Season 2 of Bodies, hosted by Allison Behringer. Trans folks are 8x more likely than cis folks to be diagnose...
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"Good Outlaws"

Nico is joined by Alia Volz to talk about her book "Home Baked: My Mom, Marijuana, and the Stoning of San Francisco," and how AIDS activists paid the ...
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The Harriet Tubman Freedom Farm

Nico speaks with Dallas Robinson, a self-described young black Dyke, who is working to bring a visionary farm and education center to life. In March, ...
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Queer the Table Live

This is a broadcast version of last month's Queer the Table Live event, in partnership with the Hetrick Martin House. Nico was joined by Vanessa Paris...
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