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The drunk girls podcast is a conversation between two best friends that everyone gets to listen to.

Religulous (S3E22)

This week, your Girls talk about the unconstitutional curfew set forth in their state. They also intend on talking about a LOT of other stuff, but the...
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Protest Moms (S3E21)

This week, your Girls take a fun quiz. Then they dive into staying safe at protests, from what you should wear to how you should NOT post on socials. ...
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Somehow Not About COVID (S3E19)

This week, your Girls try very hard to not talk about the pandemic, because it's really fucking them up mentally. So, instead, they talk about how dea...
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Don In The Middle (S3E17)

This week, your Girls have a very important guest! They also play a fun game of Never Have I Ever and chat about how the Mayor of Las Vegas is an idio...
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COVIDagogo (S3E16)

This week, your Girls play a surprise game that Rachel was not told about before the recording, so that's fun. They also talk about weird situations r...
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Technical Difficulties (S3E15)

This week, your Girls have their first tangle with technical issues while recording remotely. They also play an opinionated game of Would You Rather. ...
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AZ Is Dumb (S3E14)

WE'RE LATE! That's because your Girls had to figure out how to record from their respective houses as AZ has put a "stay at home" order in place, as t...
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Quarantine (S3E13)

This week, your Girls are going a little stir-crazy. They play a somewhat difficult game of Would You Rather. Then Taylor Swift comes up somehow, befo...
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