Radical Australia

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Radical Australia reclaims Australia's radical past.

Dean Lombard

Early busker, wannabe photographer, musician and faithful Melbournite - what doesn't this week's guest, Dean Lombard, not do? Born into a family of Qu...
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Fiona McWhirter

What an amazing gal our guest this week, Fiona McWhirter, is. Fiona was diagnosed with a rare blood disease last year and is extraordinarily busy livi...
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Rob Wallis

On this week's show we were treated to a few poems from poet and writer, Rob Wallis, a lifelong teacher who grew up in 50s Australia, a time when bein...
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Clovis Mwamba

This week's guest, Clovis Mwamba, was a human rights activist kidnapped and tortured under the dictatorship of Mobutu in the Democratic Republic of th...
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Jackson McInerney

On this week's show we were thoroughly entertained by the co-producer of 3CRs slick current affairs program Uprise Radio, Jackson McInerney. Jackson w...
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David Bradbury

On this week's show we revisit a conversation from late in 2019 with legendary Australian filmmaker, David Bradbury. David is a self-taught documentar...
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On this week's Radical Australia we spoke with Ajan, a 3CR brekkie stalwart, trainer and producer of Diaspora Blues, a 2020 show that focuses on black...
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Dr. Greg Poulgrain

This week's guest is Dr. Greg Poulgrain, a well-known lecturer on Southeast Asian history and friend to the West Papua Office in Docklands, Melbourne....
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Blair Martin

We are delighted to welcome 4ZZZ community radio stalwart Blair Martin onto the show this week. Blair is a Shakespearean thespian from Rockhampton who...
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Barb Hall

Calling in from the dead centre of Melbourne, on this week's show we welcome the intriguing and disarming Barbara Hall. Barb is a member of the West P...
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