Radio 22: Nobody Cares

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Tune in to Nobody Cares, a comedy podcast where NOTHING is off limits. Stand up comedians Craig Smith and Nick Hart have constructed a hilarious podcast for the listener that includes them speaking on current issues, their own personal experiences as comedians, and interviewing special guests. There is never a dull moment when you think #NobodyCares

Staying Home Out Of Fear

This episode after Nick's tale from the smoke shop and Craig's new found love for Billie Eilish music they come together and talk about Kim K on SNL, ...
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Karma Mart

Karma Mart Nick shut down Facebook, Samara roasted a heckler, and Craig was bullied by a fan. They also talk about Dave Chappelle's new special, a wom...
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A Worse Middle Passage

A Worse Middle Passage In this episode, we have the original crew reunited with Nick back from vacation. After a quick recap of his trip and finding o...
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Ha-Mee Ah-Mees

Ha-Mee Ah-Mees On this episode with Nick still on vacation, we have another special guest on the show with Craig and Samara and it's none other than s...
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Or-A-Gon-O This episode with Nick on vacation we have our friend and fellow comedian Olivia Witt in studio as they try to find out if Craig is a Repub...
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Can I Get A N Word Please?

Can I Get A N Word Please? Craig wont pay for the Peacock App, Nick is going on a conspiracy vacation, and Samara rode a ATV at a family reunion. They...
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Dont Dead Dikk Me

Dont Dead Dikk Me This episode was fun one an instant top 5 ep in NCP history. First things first Craig got vaxxed and also produced a show wit Glenn ...
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Interracial Best Friends

“Interracial Best Friends” This episode Nick tells us how he hurt his self moongazing then gets mad at Craig and Samara. We also talk about Craig’s we...
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Home Alone Blacked

“Home Alone Blacked” This week while Samara is gone enjoying happiness we brought in friend of the show and owner of Jaylen Carter Clothing Marquis “Q...
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"Caucasity" We come together this week to recap the Madison Comedy Awards and also talk about bumping ur head as an adult, OJ Simpson being scared of ...
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