Rain City Bunker

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Andy and Greg discuss unusual and unique science and paranormal stories.

Episode 34

Halloween edition! Creature feature: The Blob, Spooky Trip to Victoria, All things ghosts: scientific explanations, non-scientific explanations, histo...
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Episode 33

Teenagers recurited by the NSA, a rare NES video game cartridge worth $13,000, Stranger Things, talkin' about shopping malls and saying goodbye to Nor...
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Episode 32

We interview Ravyn Celestino and Drew Barth about head injuries they suffered. The event, the hospital stay, recovery and consequences.
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Episode 31

Forest fires, Disneyland/Disneyworld, another near Earth-miss by a large, 1 mile wide asteroid, new plans for Rain City Bunker
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Episode 30

We're back! Personal updates, Halloween!, Art Bells' passing, haunted Seattle school.
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Episode 29

Halloween!, Bigfoot in Michigan?, unusual 1957 nuclear test, and the creepy clown craze
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Episode 28

Halloween! New Jersey Devil sighting, Mythical vs. Plausible Creatures and Interview with Violet about Skinwalkers
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Episode 27

Hibernating humans, brain stimulation therapy, Creature Feature! and an agressive Chilean ghost
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Episode 26

OUR HALLOWEEN EPISODE! Ebola Update, Ouijua Board Story, big spiders, Big, Ugly, Writhing Sea Creature and a look back at "2001: A Space Odessey".
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