Rally The Horde

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It's a show about a Big Show. Check out the BigO and Dukes show, then check us out to get more skinny on this podcast of note. LLTH

RTH 3.9

Hotman, Antman and Jester discuss Ted hating on Oscar and Drab, the butt beer special episode, a new A-Hole of the Month is crowned, Dukes and issues ...
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RTH 3.8

Hotman Ted and Jester discuss the recent Beware of the Penguins live show, the love affair and sexting between Drab and Lubs, a new A-Hole of the mont...
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RTH 3.7

Hotman Ted and Jester recap the weekend that was Hordestock 2, the Pizzomania storm, a new A-hole of the month is crowned, and what in the world is wr...
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RTH 3.6

Hotman Ted and Jester discuss the BOAD Collector Set, Chad’s rules for the Golden Coney prize, there is an A-Hole of the Month winner, the new album a...
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Bestie with Jestie 1.0

One of the Big 3 is late due to a beard appointment, there is an awkward interaction with Kris Kristofferson backstage and fans love the show so much ...
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RTH 3.5

Hotman Ted, Any-man and Jester discuss Jason Veedy having a bone to pick with BOAD, a new Asshole of the Month, Trading cards and Golden Coneys for Ho...
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RTH 3.4

Hotman, Antman, Blackout Bruce and Jester recap Record Store Day, diagnose the Antman, Dukes' reaction to Drab saying he missed shows in AZ, A-hole of...
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RTH 3.3

Hotman Ted, Steve Piestaster and Jester get together to discuss the BOAD trip to Arizona, Drab at his secret dog park, Asshole of the Month, Cuban Ste...
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RTH 3.2

Ted, Angel and Jester discus Oscar and the rat, the Super Bowl party, Antknee getting a lot of run, Asshole of the Month and a new Pinball Group.
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RTH 3.1

Hotman Ted, Casey Dukes and Jester go over A-hole of the Year from 2018, Ponytails and Cocktails at the 9:30 Club, Secret Santa, A-hole of the Month a...
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