Random Thoughts and Dumb Ideas


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Hi, my name is Garrett Doherty. And I love to talk to people, so I started a podcast. I will be talking to friends every week discussing anything and everything. I just have a lot of thoughts that roll through my brain and want them to be heard. So, I hope this Podcast brings some laughs and joy in your life.

Episode 7 - “Gil”

On this weeks episode my roommates James Gilmore joins me on the show. We talk about Finals, college, Christmas movies and Christmas songs. We wrap it...
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Episode 6 - DRUNKCAST

I AM BACK! After a short break I am back with a my good friends Fry and Eric! But wait had specials appearances from a bunch of friends! Listen to hea...
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Episode “Fry”

On this weeks episode I bring on the Zachary Fry daddy Sosa! We have a great conversation about everything! Football, drinking, and music! Cheers Frie...
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Episode 4 - Caleb Alig

On this weeks episode, THE Caleb Alig joins me for a great conversation about almost everything! Also it’s the first over the phone podcast and it wen...
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Episode 3 - roommates

On this weeks episode, I sit down with my roommates. We talk about how we met and became roommates and we tell you about the ghost we live with! Come ...
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Episode 2 - Eric Bowers

On this weeks episode, I sit down with a great friend of mine, Eric Bowers. We talk about the new movie "First Man", the old podcast we did together C...
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Episode 1 - Maxwell

In this episode, the show gets introduced and I sit down with a good buddy of mine in the coast guard and talk military and football! Enjoy and cheers...
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