Random Thoughts & Things Better Left Unsaid

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Random Thoughts and Things Better Left Unsaid is a father-Son podcast designed to allow Ayden, turning 12 in September, the freedom to explore his ideas and creativity. His dad, Philip, is there to facilitate the discussion as they hopefully don't go too far off the rails.

...the one where we choke to death

The boys battle it out in a video game, bake some brownies and try to learn from their mistakes.Pertinent Links:My Hero Academia (The Show)https://www...
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The Whisper Episode

Ayden hurt his voice prior to taping this episode so the boys have to keep it short. They briefly discuss how Ayden feels about Pokemon Go and Philip'...
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Obsessions & Pet Peeves

The boys cover new ground as they confront their obsessions and pet peeves. Ayden bemoans the scarcity of ramen at home. Philip relives fond memories ...
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The Great Underwear Fiasco

Mallyson tells the guys the many splendored tale of The Great Underwear Fiasco. Ayden learns a little bit about his own history.
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That's Dumb...

Philip and Ayden interview their first guest. They get into the mechanics of how Infinity Stones work. Philip makes a faux pas and sets off an interes...
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The Slap

Philip and Ayden briefly talk about The Slap, the Slap remake and the youtube parody of The Slap. Then they run out of things to talk about...
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Cuddly Things...

Ayden and Philip discuss various thoughts concerning many things - like movies and urban legends.
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