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The Tony Scott Random Podcast is an internet show where I talk about everything. My life, my career, pop culture, politics, race, etc. I try not to cuss - but I'm human.

When a Joke is Not a Joke

A police chief didn't know when a joke is not a joke. Cosby is out. But is he innocent? She'Carri Richardson accepts it. Why don't we? Miss Jones is s...
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Is 22 and a Half Years Enough?

Derek Chauvin got 22 and a half years for murdering George Floyd. Is 22 and a half years enough? Horrible tragedy in Surfside, Florida. Was it prevent...
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Ladies Check Those Flowers!

A florist is in trouble for wanting to see a woman naked one time. Ladies check those flowers! Dr. Dre is officially single but it ain't over. Wendy W...
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