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A combination of current event, lifestyle and sports opinions and perspectives presented in a casual and satirical way. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rationalchaospod/support


There is a lot of weird stuff going on in the world at the moment. We have Vietnamese condom recycling factories selling rubbers as new, elementary sc...
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America Needs Sports

Sports are finally back! We discuss the impact of covid-19 on the modern sports era and how it could influence the future of sports in 2020. Most impo...
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CHAZ: Seattle's Sin City

On this episode, Pat joins the show to share a very interesting story involving his recent trip to Las Vegas where he accidentally stumbles upon a wil...
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Attack of the Murder Hornets

Our great friend from the west coast, Matt, joins us on the show to talk with us about the invasion of the Asian Killer Hornet thats been an issue alo...
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Goodbye TB12

Its our first ever remote episode! Two good friends come on the show to talk about the sad departure between Tom Brady and the Patriots (8:10), the st...
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Covid-19 State of Emergency

We have a new guest on the Rational Chaos Podcast! Our friend Kindell joins the show where we discuss a few interesting stories in the news such as Bi...
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On this episode we make some predictions about the Coronavirus and Tom Brady, enjoy laughing at our very wrong picks. Chase joins the show to recap ou...
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Debate Season

Theres a lot of wild stuff going on in the world right now. The election season is heating up, girl scouts are selling cookies outside of dispensaries...
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Its Corona Time!

On this episode we have two special guests who join the show! Nick and Justine are on to talk about states most popular fetishes, the coronavirus and ...
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West Coast

Chase is back from his west coast trip and we recap that. We also talk about the failure that was the 2019 Patriots season. A few NFL playoff conspira...
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