Raw Sex Podcast

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Podcast about relationships and dating from both a younger and older perspective.

Episode 88... Relationship Trauma

Dominque, Brian and 50 discuss the effects of relationship trauma from previous relationships and the affects it had on them... Also another segment o...
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Episode 83... 21 Questions

Dominque and Brian are joined by Tia who have questions that women want to know what men be thinking about... The fellas with their life experience an...
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Episode 82... The Weekend Pass!!!

Dominque, Brian and 50 discuss The Weekend Pass!!! What does the weekend pass represent and the troubles that may come with it. Another segment of Mil...
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Episode 81.... Rona A Year Later

Dominque, Brian and 50 discuss how the Corona Virus has affected their relationship a year into the pandemic.....Another segment of Military Tales and...
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