R.A.W with India Paulino

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India is a Pro Athlete, Speaker, Personal Development Coach, Mother and Wife. This podcast gives you a RAW perspective on life, relationships, motherhood, conquering yourself and more. India's goal is to inspire and empower women to explore the depths of their souls and ultimately conquer themselves.

Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships - Why do we stay?  Why do I keep getting involved with toxic people? These relationships can be difficult to leave. Manipulation, ...
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Fitness isn't always Healthy

We start fitness programs because we want to be healthier yet sometimes we end up more unhealthy then when we started. How is that possible? It's very...
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Boundaries -Do you need them ?

Protecting our energy  and our overall wellbeing requires establishing clear boundaries. This isn't always easy and it takes awareness and strength bu...
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Abortion -A voice for the unborn

On this episode of R.A.W, India talks about being a voice for the unborn. She shares her viewpoint on abortion and what the Pro Choice community is fa...
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