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An irreverent look at all of the weekly happenings in the world of professional wrestling. Since 2005, RBR has been the leader in quality wrestling talk shows, featuring all around knowledgeable wrestling chat from The Fatal Four; William R. Washington, Eric Brady, Paul Griffin, and Maxwell Baumbach.

Episode 837 – New Bidet Rocks

Kody & Paul are joined by RBR alumni Anthony Skatz, who LOVES NXT 2.0! The Fatal Two (plus Skatz) also discuss Tony Khan’s latest headlines, the new h...
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Episode 836 – Depressed Waffle

Kody & Paul kick off a new era of RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk with special guest B. Rob where they cover the WWE Draft, the return of WOW, AEW Dynamite...
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Episode 831 – Grand Slam

A big change is coming to RBR. Plus, Monday Night Raw and Dark Side of the Ring. **unfortunately, a recording error caused the last 20 minutes of this...
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