Reading, Writing, Romans

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This series explores the lives of Romans through the Latin inscriptions collection at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford, as part of an AHRC funded project between the University of Oxford and the University of Warwick.

Felas Octavi

New research reveals that this sling bullet is much ruder than previously thought. Prof. Alison Cooley discusses this with Dr Jane Masséglia and Dr Ha...
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The Real Abascantianus

On 30th October 2015, we staged a Roman funeral in the Ashmolean Museum. But who were we burying? Here you can hear the talk that Prof. Alison Cooley ...
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Rider Reliefs

Prof. Alison Cooley talks with Dr Jane Masséglia about two Roman tombstones showing men on horseback, recently installed by AshLI in the Ashmolean Mus...
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Early Christian Gold Glass

Prof. Alison Cooley and Dr Jane Masséglia from the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project, talking about the symbols and celebrations of early Christian...
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The building bricks of an empire

The bricks that built the Roman Empire Professor Alison Cooley and Dr Jane Masséglia, from the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project, take a closer loo...
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Freedmen and Friends

A funerary inscription reveals questions of social status and friendship in the Roman world. Prof. Alison Cooley and Dr Hannah Cornwell from the AshLI...
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A Bullet with your Name on

Slingshot bullet from the seige of Perusia, 41/40 BC. Dr Jane Masséglia and Dr Hannah Cornwell discuss the messages and insults flung (literally!) bet...
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A Roman Intelligence Officer

A Roman Intelligence Officer stationed in Britain. Being in the Roman Army wasn't all about building roads and dressing up as a legionary. In the thir...
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Hercules and the Roman teenager

A memorial for a teenage son, with some unusual images of Hercules. The Roman teenager who was his mum’s little superhero. Hear Prof. Alison Cooley an...
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