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On a journey to discover the real stories of the people who grow our food

Gigi Berardi | #080

Author and professor Gigi Berardi says some kinds of farming in Washington state are often much closer to the "extinction threshold" than people reali...
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Bernadette Gagnier | #079

When Bernadette Gagnier came to WSU's agriculture research station in Prosser to get a PhD in horticulture, she was reconnecting with family farming r...
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Leann Krainick | #078

Even though she was diagnosed with cancer, Leann Krainick knew her family's 100-year-old dairy couldn't stop while she was in treatment. She shares th...
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Luke Dynes | #077

This PNW-based farmer-turned-recycler has a powerful solution to America's food waste problem. Luke Dynes has developed technology that he aims to tak...
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Co Dinn | #076

He describes it as one of the best places in the world to make wine. That's why Co Dinn crafts his award-winning wines in the heart of the Yakima Vall...
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Kyler Beard | #075

Kyler Beard is a real Washington cowboy, and he's passionate about doing what's best for his cattle and the rangeland they graze on. The post Kyler Be...
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Brianna Parmentier | #074

Are dairy cows being treated well on Washington state dairy farms? Coming into the world of dairy originally as an outsider, Brianna Parmentier is now...
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Austin Allred | #073

This beef and dairy farmer is dangerously close to achieving sustainable carbon neutrality on his farm near Royal City, WA. It may surprise you what A...
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Brianna Widen | #072

Producing pastured pork, chicken, lamb and beef with her family on their small family farm Widnor Farms, Brianna Widen is living her dream. Hear her u...
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Kevin Davis | #071

For the first time, prominent Seattle chef Kevin Davis is sharing the heartbreaking behind-the-scenes story of being forced to close his four celebrat...
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