Real Hauntings Real Ghost Stories

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Noah Daniels and JJ Krehbiel infuse humor and horror as they interview guests who share stories of their firsthand encounters with ghosts and other supernatural experiences. If you would like to share your ghost story or supernatural experience, email the podcast at

Minisode: The Queen of Halloween

Noah, JJ, and Cat interview Beckie aka My Bloody Galentine about how Halloween is a year round pleasure for her. We also talk to her about what its li...
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Night at the Haunted Museum

Noah, JJ, and Cat interview Ali as she describes growing up with a thoughtful shadow man, talking to a civil war ghost, and working in a real life hau...
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The Claw Dragged Across my foot

Noah, JJ, and Cat interview Coral about several haunted house experiences and one chilling story about an entity that attached to her ex. This is one ...
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Love at First Ayahuasca & Ghosts!

Noah and JJ interview Evelyn and her fiancée Jess about the time Jess conjured a deceased friend who may have been murdered, doing ayahuasca, and what...
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Devon's Angel & Astral Projection

Noah, JJ, and Cat interview Devon about the time an angel saved his life, astral projection, and Noah trying to touch his fake spider. Warning this ep...
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