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Real Life is a Church For Real People. At Real Life you’ll meet a lot of real people who have real problems. You’ll also meet a lot of people who have found hope in Jesus. That hope has changed their life! Our weekly podcast is an easy way check in with the latest weekly message or discover great insights from the Bible through a previous sermon series. We also release a few fun extras here as well.

Saints & Struggles: Moses

“It’s not about CONTROLLING our emotions – it’s about bringing our emotions under God’s control.” In this message, Pastor Justin Miller walks us throu...
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Saints & Struggles: Jeremiah

“The God of the universe promised that He has a plan and purpose for our lives. When we believe this, we’ll begin to minimize our fears and excuses an...
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Saints & Struggles: Peter

"In this story, we will find hope as we see Jesus work with saints in the midst of their struggles.” This week, Pastor Mike Gonzalez takes us through ...
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Saints & Struggles: Joshua

"Humility is the posture of victory. We rise up when we bow down." When we are on God's side, we are able to be in victory. Pastor Justin's message on...
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Saints & Struggles: Jacob

“There’s glory in your story and if you’re not in it yet, then it’s coming.” Pastor Justin brings a powerful message on surrendering our brokenness to...
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Saints & Struggles: Sarah

“If we want God’s will, we have to wait for God's when.” In this message we look at Sarah’s struggle with patience. Like Sarah, we need to trust that ...
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Saints & Struggles: King David

“With God, our failure isn’t final. It’s the first step to a fresh start. If we’re willing to stop suppressing and start confessing. Quit covering up ...
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Lee Strobel

With the chaos of this world going on all around us, today more than ever people are questioning life’s fragility. For some, this has even surfaced a ...
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