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24 - Don't Hipster And Drive

A fun little catch up on some stories and some deep dives into 3 topics. Some of the guts and glory of life. 1- The Australian wildlife and working in...
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23- Personal

This episode is a real and honest look into my 'journey' through mental health. dealing mostly with anxiety. With 1 in 4 adults suffering a form of an...
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22- Bring Your Personality

This week we are picking up Part 2 and the final chapter of my reality tv experience. It involves definitely some real and lots of raw chat. Also a fe...
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21- Vibes

Discussing reality tv from a perspective that often gets pushed away in favor of the drama the scandal. manipulation control but of a different kind. ...
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The Dry

sharing stories of the dry things i still dont know still at 25 snack recommendations and so much more
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#18 Freedom

Finally backafter three weeks! find out everything that has been happening with me. find out my thoughts on some pop culture stories with pop culture ...
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#17 *Story Time* Mango Magic

In this episode host Troy shares 2 stories that are equal parts real raw and random. beware of the second hand embarrassment and the laughs. make sure...
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#16 New Year ... Same Me

talking all things post holiday period and so much more. make sure you follow realrawrandom on Instagram ever want to email the show do so at realrawa...
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Welcome to the end of year episode. Discussing my word of the year for this year and next year. New years resolutions and so much more. rate and subsc...
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