Real Sh*t with Brit and Whit

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We’re just 2 regular women with crazy shiz running through our minds all day. Come along on this journey with us as we air our dirty laundry and make you feel sane. We're going to laugh, cry, and get real about the topics most people won't discuss out loud. Welcome to our lives!

75: Overwhelemed and Anxious

Do you feel like you have to keep it all together? Balance life, work, kids, husbands, friends, and self care and stay sane. This week Brit and Whit a...
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69: This Is Just My Face

Brit and Whit are talking raising pre-teen and teenage girls. We're talking all things grumpy moods and never wanting to leave thier rooms, to the wei...
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68: New Year... Same Bullsh*t

This week Brit and Whit review the last few months and what they've been up too. They're talking about covid pregnancy, election day, halloween, goodb...
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67: Digging Deep into Our Closets

This week Brit and Whit have DeLee the slow fashion expert on the podcast. DeLee is teaching us all about why we need to think about what we buy and h...
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66: Lily and Timmy do COVID

We're taling to Comedians and Authors Mike Farrell and Jacob Horn who wrote the children's Books about COVID-19. Mike and Jacob decided 2020 was the y...
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