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Being a couple of six years, we lay out our in story in a transparent manner and explain how we've formed an unbreakable bond. Whether it's debating topics, current events, being new parents, or gaining knowledge together, everything is raw, honest, and most importantly REAL. So join us as we continue to navigate through life and wrap up topics together every week on The Real Wrap podcast.

Chasing Dreams ft. JF3

In our season 3 opener we sit down with Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback, John Franklin III. He takes us through his journey to make his childhood NFL ...
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Is this your king?

In this episode Anthony shares highs and lows from his guys trip to Vegas, we discuss Father Divine, a cult leader, and share the one and ONLY solutio...
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Mama Mia

In this episode Tony shares his appreciation for No Limit rapper, Mia X. We discuss this weeks Dem Debate and reminisce on the days of playing Mother ...
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In this episode we examine how we personally consume news and media, give our opinions on clickbait, and introduce to you our new "Put You On" segment...
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Get cha Money

In this hilarious episode, Anthony and Jade sit down with Walter aka WallyBaby! We examine our black experience in the customer service industry, and ...
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Bunnellian. Vol 2 Dee

In this episode we sit down with Demarius Smith. He is not only a native from our hometown Bunnell Fl, he is Anthony's younger brother! With Dee, we t...
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Journey to Processing Emotion

Its no secret that men have a harder time processing their emotions. In this episode Jade interviews Anthony about his deep dive into his own emotions...
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The Black Elephant in the Room

In this episode we discuss the way skin color is talked about in our community, as well as our experience with raising Cobi, and addressing her skin c...
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Book Smart VS. Street Smart

In episode 3, we discuss our hiatus, and our new move to Tampa. Then we have a debate on who has more of an advantage, book smart, or street smart peo...
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Bunnellian Vol.1 Yeoko

In this episode we sit down with Yeo, a native from our hometown Bunnell, Fl. We discuss; his platform and website Yeoko ( , his transit...
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